Flowing Towards Our Future

Flowing Towards Our Future is an audio walk created in Spring 2021 by a group of second year students from the Theatre and Performance BA (University of Leeds) in collaboration with Extinction Rebellion Leeds. The piece takes place in Meanwood Park in Leeds and makes use of the landscape as an organising principle for the dramaturgy and structure of the walk. It draws on Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone’s argument (Active Hope, 2012) that societies are now faced with three possible pathways: Business as Usual, The Unravelling and The Great Turning. It maps these notional pathways on actual paths in the park with the aim to raise awareness of the climate crisis, identify current debates, and bring attention to the possibilities for change that citizens have at their disposal. The piece was developed in line with the values and principles that underpin Extinction Rebellion, and in particular strived to ensure that no blame or shame was directed towards individual stances. It addresses one of the key demands of the movement to ‘tell the truth’ about the severity and extent of the environmental crisis.
The material for the piece was devised through a set of encounters between person and environment, with which the students engaged throughout the term, and is delivered through the mobile phone application Immersive Tours.

You can find a sneak preview of the walk here


The walk begins at the car park of the Three Cottages Café at LS6 4LT, Leeds.
You can experience the audio walk on the Immersive Tours App http://apps.apple.com/gb/app/immersive-tours/id1474092861 (currently only available on IOS), by following the instructions below:

· Go to the App Store on your device and search for the Immersive Tours app (alternatively, use the link provided above).

· Having downloaded the Immersive Tours app, please open the app and search for “Flowing Towards our Future” or simply use the keyword ‘flowing’.

· Once you have found the tour, you should have the option to download it, please do so.

· After downloading, the tour should be available to play.