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My Tours

My Tours is a mobile app platform designed to enhance visitor experience in the tourism, culture and heritage sectors. It allows users to create multi-media content (rich-text, audio, images) that can be triggered through location using GPS.

Building on traditions of walking and nomadic performances, site-specific theatre practices and audio-walks, we have been experimenting with the software to create performances that are experienced through and with the mobile phone.

Some of these performances have explored the inter-play between the live performer (e.g. on the city street) and the mediatised content on the mobile phone.  Other work has resulted in experiences in which the audience member is invited to undertake a journey, to navigate a landscape, to reflect on historic events and to re-imagine their place in the world.

Feel/Hear/See/Do: A Digital Odyssey 

Within This House: A multimedia tour for Temple Newsam