Feel/Hear/See/Do: A Digital Odyssey (Leeds Digital Festival)

This is a free, interactive city walk developed for Leeds Digital Festival (April 2018)

The experience aimed to use the Homeric text as a provocation to undertake a solo journey through an urban 21st century environment. Using My Tours, an augmented reality locative app as a guide, audience members are invited to engage with elements of their surroundings. At specific points in the walk, through written instructions, verbal prompts, and visual images, participants are asked to consider and respond to their environment in a variety of ways.

The aim of the performance is twofold. On one hand, it aims to offer an opportunity to the participants to experience Leeds in new ways, to introduce some ‘hidden’ areas, and to allow voyagers to re-imagine themselves in the city. Through using the mobile phone as the main carrier through which the performance is facilitated, the second aim is to invite a re-consideration of the mobile phone, beyond its use as a communication device and as a creative tool that can open up new possibilities of engaging with daily geographical and social contexts.

The performance was created by Pedro Sanchez Cervera and Clara Nicoleta Pop under the guidance of Dr Scott Palmer and Dr Maria Kapsali.

Instructions and guidance on how to download and experience this interactive walk can be found here